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About Us


My name is Simone, 29 years old and live in Norway. I'm from Aalesund, but we are now living in Eidskog, close to the Swedish border. Here we are living on a farm in the middle of the woods, so the dogs can run in the forest and play on the fields every day. The dogs are living with me inside the house, as they are my family and best friends.


My passion with animals have always been there since i was a little girl. It started with cats and birds, and developed into horses and dogs. When i was 14 years I got Bella, a mix between Border collie and Breton. Bella was a little crazy one, and she still is in the age of 14,5 ! I have owned 2 horses in my life, Ryvar and Rainstorm Surprise Z, and i was lucky to have them in my life many years. Dressage has always been my passion, and a day in the stable is always a well spent day!


Angel was my first Australian Shepherd, and from the day she entered my life she was my everything ! She was always by my side, and knew exactly what i needed every second of the day..  Unfortenly Angel got lymph cancer early in 2019, only 4,5 years young, and after a hard fight, the cancer won.. I lost my best friend that summer, but she will always be my soulmate, and never forgotten. The kennel name Stargazing is to honor Angel, who are deeply missed every day.

Living home with me now we have Avada, Banana and Nick. They are so funny and big hearted,  and fill my life with happines ! The Australian Shepherd is my heart breed for sure! We are training on daily obedience, tricks, agility and tracking, and beside that we love to attend at dogshows.

The health of the breed is very important to me, so beside looking stunning, I'll also wanna breed healthy dogs. I will always try to find the best combination of parents as possible, even if it means we have to travel far to manage that. All my dogs are hips and elbows x-rayed, and eyes checked yearly, so buying a dog from Kennel Stargazing means you have to do the same.

If you have any questions, or wanna have a talk you can contact me on mail:

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